The Reformation Excursion

In the footsteps of Martin Luther, 500 Years of Reformation

Dates: July 23-July 31, 2018

This 7 day guided tour will take you to Germany historical Adventism tour.  Arriving in Frankfurt, you journey will start & 7 days later it will end where we will transfer you to the Global Meeting in Kassel.  You will travel on luxury coach buses and see approximately 28 amazing sights including:

  • St Peter’s Church
  • Luther Memorial
  • Wartburg Castle
  • Spiritual Home of Martin Luther
  • St Mary Cathedral
  • Augustinian Monastery
  • St Thomas Church
  • Castle Church
  • Berlin
  • The Pergamon Museum

For more information, please see the flyer for this trip (in English, Spanish and French), as well as our proposed itinerary in Spanish, English or French.

For those attending the World Conference for Youth and Community Service in Kassel (July 30-August 4) Gospel Travel is also able to reserve your hotel rooms.