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A Note To Pastors & Church Leaders,

Is it time for your church, Bible study group, youth group or other ministry to actually experience the Gospel? Please contact Gospel Travel today to begin the process.

At Gospel Travel, custom-created Seventh-day Adventist and Christian tours are much, much more than just a business transaction. It’s our ministry.

On every excursion that we create, we see first-hand, how these tours strengthen the faith of those who participate. For many of our guests, a trip to the Holy Land or other Christian destinations is literally a once-in-a-lifetime event. We know the experience needs to be meaningful and memorable.

We work closely with you.

The Gospel Travel team has a passion for what we do.  Our love for providing Biblically-based travel experiences for devout Christians is exceeded only by our love of Jesus Christ Himself.

We work closely with our pastors and church leaders. We listen carefully, and we work diligently.

With nearly two decades of international Christian Travel experience, our team has developed in-depth knowledge and expertise involving the places where Christ, the disciples, early church followers and Christians of all generations have lived. Our itineraries are scripturally-oriented.  We hire the best faith-based professors, pastors and persons of faith as our tour guides.

We also work closely and specifically with our hotels, restaurants and hospitality partners to ensure that our guests’ experiences are in keeping with our travelers’ faith. Additionally, we are Sabbath-observant and diet-sensitive and develop itineraries that reflect these values.

We do most of the work.

When you partner with Gospel Travel, you can focus on the big picture and leave the details to us.  We take pride in making sure that every aspect of the trip is tended to — from travel tips, payments, passports and itineraries, all the way to the actual trip experience itself.  Our job is to make sure the tour is meaningful and memorable for you and your guests, in every way possible.

Over the years, we’ve been blessed to work with dozens of dedicated church leaders and thousands of travelers. We welcome the opportunity to share some of those stories and testimonials with you.

We also manage travel for conferences & mission trips.

Gospel Travel also has experience in planning conferences and helping groups get the most out of their travels.  Is your group planning a mission trip, or attending a conference, such as an upcoming Adventist Youth Conference International CYE? Please allow Gospel Travel to manage your trip and incorporate the extra special activities that will make the trip even more meaningful!

Let’s get started! Please call 919-577-0043, email or fill out our online form to discuss your specific goals, dreams and requirements.

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