Seventh-day Adventist, Christian Tours of United States & Canada

A North Carolina-based organization for over a decade, Gospel Travel has a first-hand view of our Christian Faith in North America.  We have been blessed to work with and for many dedicated Christians, churches and organizations. Many of our tours have taken travelers from North America to other Christ-centered destinations around the world. But there are also countless opportunities to experience the actions and devotion of Christians in the United States and Canada.

Gospel Travel specializes in creating customized tours for pastors, churches, church leaders, faith organizations, students & Pathfinders. Our primary emphasis is serving Seventh-day Adventist groups, families and individuals.

One of our well-received trips is our Adventist Pioneers Tour.  This trip takes visitors throughout the northeast and mid-west of the United States, retracing the faith journeys of early Adventist leaders and founders. Some of these great Adventists include Captain Joseph Bates, Ellen G. White and William Miller. This tour is a great way for Seventh-day Adventists and other Christians to gain inspiration and first-hand knowledge of these dedicated Adventist Pioneers.

Another emphasis of Gospel Travel is integrating Biblically-based attractions and activities, and planning coordination services, into travel to church conferences, mission trips and other scheduled programs.

For groups attending programs such as the Adventist Youth Congress International CYE Camporee in Oshkosh, in August 2019, Gospel Travel is well qualified to assist in creating and managing a memorable travel experience.

Gospel Travel works closely with pastors, faith-based professors and professional tour guides to provide our travelers with lifetime-enriching experiences. We work closely with service providers to create tours that are Sabbath-observant and respectful of dietary and cultural heritage. We offer tours in English, Spanish and French.

Gospel Travel welcomes the opportunity to showcase our Christian Faith right here in the United States and Canada. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements by filling out our online contact form, calling 919-577-0043, or emailing us at


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