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Seventh-day Adventist, Christian Holy Land Tours

The team at Gospel Travel considers it our sacred honor to share Holy Land Christian Tours with our travelers. For more than a decade, we have created and hosted Bibilically-based travel pilgrimages to many locations throughout the Middle East for Seventh-day Adventist and other Christian churches, pastors and groups.

From the Upper Room in the City of David, to the home of Mary and Joseph in Nazareth, and many other destinations in Israel, Egypt, Jordan and beyond, the Gospel Travel group of pastors, professors and professional tour guides brings the experiences of Jesus Christ and other early Holy Land Christians to life for our guests.

Gospel Travel specializes in creating custom Christian Tours for churches, pastors and faith-based organizations, with special emphasis on travel for Seventh-day Adventist groups and travelers.

We love working with our sponsors to create the once-in-a-lifetime Holy Land experience that meets their specific needs. Our destinations include Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and areas throughout the Holy Land. We work closely with our service providers to honor the Sabbath and to respect our travelers’ dietary restrictions and cultural heritage. Our tours can be conducted in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and more!

On every tour we create, travelers tell us that their souls have been touched, the faith has been strengthened and their Christian witness is greater than ever before. Gospel Travel Holy Land Christian Tours are truly life-changing!

If you, your church, or your faith-based organization is eager to experience the Spirit-filled power of Holy Land travel, please contact Gospel Travel to discuss your specific requirements and interests. Please fill out our online contact form, call 919-577-0043 or email us at

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