Christian & Seventh-day Adventist tours of Greece

Following the path of Paul & Disciples

Known to many as the birthplace of democracy, but it also is home to many sites biblically significant to Seventh-day Adventists and all Christians. Visitors to Greece can walk in the footsteps of disciples and kings, and bring biblical stories to life!

At Gospel Travel, we are dedicated to treating our travelers to sites verified by Seventh-day Adventists archaeologists and providing tour guides that help them walk through history.

Some of the sites and locations we commonly visit in Greece include:

  • Athens
    • The Acropolis
    • The Parthenon
    • Mars Hill (Where Paul preached to the Gentile Nation)
  • Corinth & Mycenae
    • Lionesse gate
    • Tomb of Agamemnon
  • Thermopylae (Site of the famous Spartan battle of 300)
  • Phillipi & Kavala
  • Crete
    • Palace of Knossos
  • Santorini

Located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, Greece is a fabulous destination, or portion of a trip. Groups who would like to visit, can fully customize their tour. If you would like some inspiration from tours we have taken in the past, we invite you to see trips to Greece & Israel or Greece & Turkey.

While the ultimate goal of every trip taken with Gospel Travel is spiritual fulfillment, we also strive to ensure that our clients feel as comfortable and safe as possible throughout their trip. We arrange for accommodations in excellent hotels that provide food to meet any dietary restrictions.

If you’re ready to book your custom tour, we’re ready to help you plan it! If any of our current tours appeal to you, we’re excited for you to join us, and if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us!





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