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Seventh-day Adventist, Christian Tours of Europe

So much of our Christian faith that has stood for centuries can be experienced first-hand throughout Europe.

From Paul’s missionary travels throughout the Roman Empire, and the Seven Churches of Revelations in modern-day Turkey, to the places in Germany where Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation began, and so many more, Gospel Travel welcomes the opportunity to create the Spirit-filled tour of Europe you will always remember!

Our pastors, professors and professional tour guides can lead travel to sites verified by Seventh-day Adventist archaeologists and share the insights and inspirations that provide added meaning in our travelers’ faith journeys through Christian Tours in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, England and throughout Europe.

Gospel Travel specializes in creating custom tours for churches, pastors, church leaders, students, youth and faith-based groups, with special emphasis on travel for Seventh-day Adventist organizations, families and individuals.

We welcome the opportunity to create your Christian Tour of Europe.  Please contact Gospel Travel to begin planning your travels. Fill out our online contact form, call 919-577-0043 or email us at


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