Seventh-day Adventist & Christian Tours to Cuba

Take a step back in time and experience beautiful Cuba

The Adventist Church in Cuba has more than 32,500 members worshiping in 460 churches and congregations. For many Seventh-day Adventist leaders, Cuba represents an area that has seen a lot of positive change in recent history, both in terms of religious freedom and political relations.

In many ways, Gospel Travel’s trips to Cuba differ from our tours to the Middle East, Europe and Asia in that they are often more mission-minded.

The church operates the Theological Seminary in Havana that requires a lot of help and work. It is Gospel Travel’s goal that each group that travels to Cuba assists the Seminary, either financially or through hands-on work. If you would like to see a sample itinerary from a past group’s tour, you can do so here.

Classic car in CubaSome of the places we commonly visit in Cuba include:

  • Havana
    • Seventh-day Adventist Seminary
    • Historic Havana (designated as a World Heritage site)
    • José Martí Memorial
  • Varadero
    • Varadero Street Market
    • Josone Park
  • Matanzas
    • Bellamar Caves (Cuba’s oldest tourist attraction- features 2500m of caves, stalagmites, an underground stream and more!)

Any trip to Cuba can be customized to meet a group’s specific needs and travel requirements. As always, we strive to provide the best possible accommodations and Adventist friendly meals.

If you have any questions about traveling to Cuba, please contact us. If you are not traveling with a group, we invite you to see our currently available tours to see if any fit your needs. Pastors, Group and Church leaders, if you are ready to book your custom tour, we are so excited to work with you!

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