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Gospel Travel is a North Carolina based, religious oriented travel agency. Our founder, Wanda Martinez, got started in the travel and tourism industry by planning trips for fellow Seventh-day Adventists. As her collection of satisfied customers grew, word got around to churches, pastors and church leaders throughout the Inter-American and North-American Divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

With this background within the Seventh-day Adventist denomination, we cater to Adventist doctrines, and specialize in Christian travel. Our tours are Biblically-based and architecturally researched. We have spent years traveling with groups and establishing relationships with vendors in some of our most popular destinations throughout the Holy Land. Our trips are Sabbath-observant and our travel partners respect our travelers’ dietary requirements and Adventist heritage.

Most often, we work with religious and church leaders to arrange custom trips for members of their churches and Church Ministries. We pride ourselves on our ability to help plan meaningful, life-changing, and faith reaffirming experiences.

Gospel Travel also coordinates travel and activities for groups attending events, conferences, mission trips and activities such as Adventist Youth Congress International CYE Camporees.  Our team is very well qualified to create and manage your group excursion.

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